• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    The Words of a Crestfallen Girl

    (Harshneet is a 3rd year Engineering (Comp Science) student from KIIT University, Bhuvaneshwar. She hails from Jamshedpur and aspires to get into one of the IIMs someday.)

    Female foeticide is one among the many social problems we come across these days. It is nothing more than a decision of biased beings that see burden in a girl and pride in a boy. It would be worth thinking, what would be the thoughts and feelings of the soul which departed before being born? Would it still have love and respect for her parents? Would God feel apologetic for having chosen those parents for her? She was a girl, a girl who would have turned into a loving daughter, a supporting wife, a sweet sister, a caring mom and a responsible citizen. But no, she was not allowed to breathe, forget about opening her eyes. Just because abortion is doable, it becomes no less than a murder, in fact, it is a cold blooded murder, done in all consciousness and conscience.

    There must be unspoken words and unfulfilled wishes that remain so forever because she was murdered. But would she say anything if she could, would she feel as I imagine it to be? I wish she could ask her questions and then there might be a scope of realization.

     “Hello Mom. How are you? Do you miss me? Don’t be worried about me because I am fine here in heaven. People who come here from Earth tell me that this is better. But I cannot say, I never saw anything and all that I did was through you for hardly any time. How does living feel like, Mom? How does feeling and experiencing make a difference Mom? Did you cry when you decided to abort me?”

    “ God felt dejected the day I came to him. He made a mistake in blessing you with me, but now he has made sure that I get all I need here. The angels take care of me. But mom none of them is you. None of them can be ‘my Mom’. I miss you so much. Why did not you permit me to meet you? What harm would I have caused to you? Had you allowed me to be a part of your life, I would have brought smiles to your face. Was it the money that you would have had to spend on me that you chose to forbid me? You should have understood that the God who was sending me as a bestowal to you would have made sure that I get my food. He would have made sure that I was not a tribulation for you.”

    “Mom, where would have you been, had your mother acted the same way? If you were accepted in the world then why wasn’t I? If females are stopped from been born in your world then would not the world come to an end? Tell me, do the humans tend to lose emotion after they get a life? Mom, I was your child and you used to pray to God to give you a child. You also promised him that you would take the best care of your child. Will you kill my brother also? Maybe you forgot to mention in your prayers that your care was limited to a child who was a boy.”

    “Mom, why could not you convince dad? Why could not you tell him that you loved your child and it did not matter to you if it was a girl or a boy? Maybe it bothered you also that I was a girl. Is it considered a bad thing to be a girl? There are some girls here with me, some of them were raped brutally, some were burnt alive by their in-laws and some were murdered to save the honor of the family. Did you kill me to save the honor of your family; did you also think that I would be a responsibility and something that you always will have to worry about? Do you also belong to the same category of people who chose to blame the girl and not the one who did wrong to her?”

    “What would have happened if I came to the world? I would have loved you so much mom. I would have been the happiness of your courtyard. My giggles would have rejuvenated Dad when he would have come back from office after a tiring day. My brother would have found a friend in me. You should have at least given me a chance to live. You should have trusted me, the creation of God. Who gave you the right to choose death for me? It was God who had decided to give me a life. It should have been God who should have taken it back. Did you not tremble?”

     “They teach forgiveness here, I forgive you. Meet me when you come here, at least then I will be able to see you.

    But no, I do not know if they will allow you to enter through the gates of heaven. They say, Dad and you have murdered me and it is sin. You will be sent to hell and not heaven. God will also ask you for what fault of mine was I killed and in what capacity? There will be no answer I know; after all you cannot tell him that you did not like his creation. It is painful in hell; I do not want you to go there. Think of something Mom and be smart in finding an excuse, because I really want to meet you.”

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      awesome work… right out of the heart… great thoughts…. really provoking…

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