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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    What are we celebrating women’s day for?

    It is disturbing. What else was expected? In no way is it insulting to Nirbhaya, no it is not. “We are proud of our daughter and we have no shame in revealing her name, why should we be ashamed, of what”, say Jyoti’s parents in the documentary. Jyoti, we know her better as Nirbhaya.

    India’s Daughter, directed by Leslee Udwin, created waves when its screening was announced. Its rescheduled screening by BBC has escalated the waves to something else.

    It is a simple story, and why should it be hidden when it came in front of the whole world in 2012? It is bone chilling and it has just brought in front of us the bigger problem that lies in the mind of the criminal, the rapist, the society. There seems no reason valid enough to keep the statements recorded in the documentary from us.

    The documentary has revealed the bigger problem. Is it that problem which our journalists and our nation are ashamed of facing? The problem of patriarchy, the problem of belief and customs, the problem of judging a girl by the way she dresses, or the way she talks , the time she comes back home and if she can cook good food or not.

    Mukesh Singh goes on record to say, “only 20% girls are good,  boys and girls are not equal, girls have to take care of household work, they should not be going to discos or bars, the kind of clothes they wear, it is all wrong……it is a girl’s fault, she has a greater fault in case of a rape.”

    While he introduces rest of the accused, he introduces them and their mal-character in way so normal that it almost seems their right,  “Ram singh , my brother, he could do anything, he had crossed all limits. He was heavily drunk. Vinay used to fight a lot and he enjoyed eve teasing. Pawan had a fruit stall, and he also used to get involved in fights. Akshay Thakur was a helper in the bus. He has wife and kids and is worried what will happen. The juvenile was 17 years, was a helper, very smart at conning people”

    I don’t see him becoming a celebrity as is being claimed by some celebrities and some so called responsible media houses.  Negative fame doesn’t make one a celebrity.

    Why is it such an issue for the politicians? Why do they not work on educating people so they become responsible enough to decide the right and wrong, than to do it for them? They can’t go on banning media in this age.

    Gopal Subramanium correctly summarizes the whole problem into these simple words, “Nobody is a monster that he is excluded from society, after all any society which has these rapists has to take responsibility for them and this is the first thing that came before the Verma committee, that these are our people.”. The society we live in makes it look normal if there is differentiation between a boy and a girl.

    Domestic violence is a sight that is seen on a daily basis when these kids are growing up. Sheila dixit, the then chief minister comments, “if you come from a family where things like this are seen by those who are growing up, they become overwhelmed, these are societies’ practices that get embedded in the mind so many of our people grow up thinking that a girl is less important than a boy and because she is less important, you can do what you like with her.”

    A woman is not supposed to refuse, this is what they start believing. Mukesh Singh says with cold eyes, “She shouldn’t have fought back, she should have just let it happen, had she been calm, she wouldn’t have been thrown off after the rape, they would have dropped her off after doing her and only hit the boy”. And when asked why they were so brutal, he goes on to explain, “Why all this was done with her is simple, whatever happened, because a lesson had to be taught”.

    A lesson that took her life.

    The documentary must be seen by everyone. It shows where we, who claim to be the fourth largest economy, stand in terms of culture and morals.

    Let all girls be locked up after 6:30 as defense lawyer M.L. Sharma says, “the girl was with some unknown boy who took him on a date, in our society we never allow girls to come out from the house after 6:30 or 7:30 or 8:30 in the evening with unknown person…..you are talking about friendship in a man and a woman, sorry that doesn’t have a place in our society. Woman means I immediately put the sex in his eyes. We have the best culture, in our culture there is no place for a woman.” These are educated men talking.

    They describe going for a movie as filmy culture, then why not ban movies, why not ban everything, ban actresses since there is no place for woman in the society.

    Defense lawyer A.P. Singh, the man who stands by his word on burning his daughter if she be found engaging in pre-marital activities, said something very important amongst his ridiculous remarks, “number of criminal cases of rape, murder and robbery are pending against approximately 250 members of parliament, but their case not to be tried in fast track courts, not on day to day bases. Why? If you want to give message to the society, then first you should start from your own neck”

    If at all people are intolerant towards this documentary, it is not because they are concerned about the girl, it is because they are worried that the hypocrite in them will be stripped naked in front of the world. The so called progressive nation will be put to shame. Why should it be otherwise?

    What are we celebrating women’s day for?

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