• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    You thought again,
    it is all about you.
    The world does not rise,
    with your smiles,
    or your bright eyes,
    nor does it fall without you.

    It is my surrounding,
    that seems disturbed.
    No! Why? It is owing to you.

    How far will you walk?
    Long distances lie ahead.
    To think I wish to hold you back.
    What foolishness!

    I do not care
    of your tired feet,
    Nor am I bothered
    of dust on your glass.
    If at all
    you fancied so.

    My surrounding
    will be fine soon,
    Why? Yes!
    It will be owing to me.

    Trying your best,
    you hang your face,
    in every nook and corner.
    See wherever,
    you stand shouting.
    A loathe for self you carry,
    and stall the world with you.

    You begged with hands folded,
    and asked for space and place.
    All you do now,
    is ramp me under your feet?

    Forgiveness shall never get to you,
    you traitor,
    of your own philosophy.

    One fell,
    you create a hue and cry.
    What of those dreams,
    those trusting eyes,
    and those endless requests,
    which fall off your hands,

    You came in
    like a speeding hurricane,
    promising to root out
    all dirt off me.
    Now I see you a part of dirt,
    in filthy clothes
    and a rotten soul.

    It is time,
    know you must,
    else it be too late.
    The world does not rise with you.
    It will stand,
    it will not fall,
    without you.

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