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    The Novel in Memory of Your Mother May not do a Good Business for Us: Publisher to 8th Std. Novelist Aadya Jha.

    The darkness had been fearful of their universal defeat they meet every morning. The reflected rays of the Sun on the moon’s surface had almost fade up. The birds were entrancingly fluttering in the sky to extend an adorable welcome to the sun’s rays that they routinely and pleasantly do every morning. The Sun was about to rise, the dawn was about to take place and the morning was about to start the day. But, this morning had no ordinary effect on Aadya Jha, a cute little child from Bokaro Steel City. This morning has left her to mourn forever. This morning snatched from her the greatest light of her life. That day, the Sun defeated the darkness from the earth’s surface but flung it all in Aadya’s life mercilessly. That morning the sun of her life had left her forever, the one who had the credit of bringing Aadya’s to this beautiful planet. Her mother was no more. The momentum of her life’s beautiful moments had suddenly come to a standstill. For Aadya, everything in her life seemed meaningless now. She was deeply traumatized, frustrated and anxious. Then, she decided to give her feelings a voice through pen and paper. She started penning all the beautiful accountsand the pleasant memories of her life with her mother in her gifted laptop and within no big time Aadya successfully completed a 222 long pages novel in memory of her departed mother. She has named her novel “Before the Sun after the Moon” as her mother left her forever at this very period of that cataclysmic day of her life. She currently studies in standard 8th in Gurugovind Singh Public School, Bokaro Steel City. She and her father made every possible effort to find a publisher but to no avail. Finally, when a publisher agreed, he said that he required contribution from her side because the publisher had no confidence that her novel can do a good business for them. Aadya says that it was a highly demoralizing and demotivating moment of her life. She is now of the opinion that writing a novel is not as difficult as to get it published. The commercial giant (Amazon.in) has made her novel available on its website in kindle edition. But, Aadya is still in the search of a good publisher. Rohit Kumar of ‘Express Today’ speaks with Aadya Jha over phone about her novel and all the struggles that she faced and currently facing in her life. Here is the excerpts from the interview.

    Rohit Kumar: Aadya, first of all, thank you so much for your precious time and for the fact that you have agreed to speak to me about your ‘Novel’. Thank you so much.

    Aadya Jha: You are welcome.

    Rohit Kumar: My first question to you; Aadya, in the beginning, please tell me something about your educational background.

    Aadya Jha: I am from Bokaro. From nursery itself, I have been studying in the same school that is, in Gurugovind Singh Public School and right now I am in Std. eight (8th).

    Rohit Kumar: So Aadya, you have authored a novel named “Before the Sun after the Moon” which is now available in kindle edition on amazon.in. But, you know Aadya, in the preface of your book, you have said that you have never read any novel. Now, that’s a very frank admission on your part but at the same time quite surprising but I must add highly appreciable as well. Tell me Aadya, how difficult was it for you to write an entire novel of 232 long pages without reading even a single novel once in your life?

    Aadya Jha: It is of 222 pages not of 232 pages. It was tough, yeah it was, but I was known to the fact that a novel is divided into seven chapters and each chapter is given a heading, a title and I have not written the content of my novel, I forgot to do that, because I have never read a novel. I had not enough time because I wanted to get it published on my birthday and I had very less months to go, but it was tough. I never had an experience of reading a novel, I didn’t know how people write a novel and what accordingly is needed to write a good novel.

    Rohit Kumar: Okay. Now, I turn to the next question. Aadya, I understand that it’s very difficult and painful for you to recount those highly unfortunate moments of your life, even that kind of imagination about myself trembles me from within, but please tell me Aadya, when did this journey of writing start actually? When did you actually decide to give your sentiments a voice through pen and paper?

    Aadya Jha: I think, I started writing from Std. 1st or 2nd when I was in my maternal home and then I started writing short stories. My first short story, I remember was the twins. It is not with me right now. I had written it in my rough copy when I was in fourth standard. I showed it to my mother, not my mother, but to my Badi Mammi who was also like my mother. I showed it to her and she gave me a lot of compliments, motivated me and told me to carry on these writings and whenever I get time and that’s why I wrote. Meanwhile, I loved writing and writing became my hobby.

    Rohit Kumar: Okay. So, when did you decide to write this novel, this particular novel? 

    Aadya Jha: When I was gifted a laptop on my birthday, 4th October. I was very excited about my laptop and I just thought what to do with it because I was not fond of playing video games or doing anything else.. I just wanted to write something.I wanted to pursue my hobby through my laptop and then I thought of writing a short story. I also wrote a short story on the marathon I ran and then I told about my novel to my friend.

    Rohit Kumar: Okay Aadya. So, my next question would also be in continuation with my previous question. Aadya, you know, it requires a huge level of courage and an indomitable spirit to recollect those memories, which must have been an extremely tough challenge for you. Aadya, tell me, how did you keep yourself motivated throughout the journey of writing this book?

    Aadya Jha: I was very frustrated after my mother’s death and I just wanted to express my feelings and generally I do it by the form of words. I just tried that. I got many compliment and then I thought I should write because I had read in newspaper about another daughter who wrote a novel describing her love to her mother and she was grown up. She was doing a job in an IT Company. The name of her novel was “Without a Goodbye” and then I thought I should also write because I am not less than any writer.

    Rohit Kumar: Okay, Thank you. Now, my last question to you would be; tell me something about the unprecedented difficulty that you and your father faced in finding a publisher. How many publishers did you contact almost and what was their response? Did you feel demotivated with their response? Also, I would like to ask; which one was more difficult, writing a novel or finding a publisher?

    Aadya Jha: I think, personally I have experienced that writing the novel is not as difficult as to publish it. As I wanted my novel to be published on my birthday, I went to the most highly developed sector of Bokaro. My father went there in the main market, he went to every cyber café and book shops and they told they were not having any idea of how to publish a novel. My father told that day, as I had appeared for my exam on that day and I had next exam on another day. I had no time to find a publisher because that time I was having my exams. My father went to every cyber café, every book shop, asking how to find a publisher, how to publish a novel, saying my daughter has written a novel but they had no idea how to publish it. Then I heard about one publisher outside Bokaro and I sent my manuscripts through email. After one month, they sent me this reply that it is good but they want contribution from me because they didn’t have confidence that my novel can do a good business. Then, I really felt demoralized and demotivated because that time I had nothing to contribute.

    Rohit Kumar: Okay. Thank you so Much Aadya. Thank you so much.


    Here is the Amazon’s link of her book:-