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    ~ Mark Twain

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    The making of Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

    Express Today takes pride in bringing to our readers the highly acclaimed play Ek Ruka Hua Faisla directed by Ms. Kanchan U. Singh. The play will be screened in Delhi on 13th -14th December. The theatre group “Saanjha Sapnaa” is a group of art enthusiasts committed to channelize social, cultural and educational change. As a non-profit organization, its motto is to embark new horizons in the field of performing arts.

    The environment is charged as the actors and the director are into the final rounds of rehearsing. We steal a few moments of their time to know what goes on.

    Rajesh Roshan who plays Juror no 4, while sharing his experiences says, ”Playing a character in such an acclaimed play is an achievement. During the last month of rehearsals I have learnt and grown a lot as an actor. Performing a character unlike my own self was the real challenge. Kudos to the team! I hope we are able to do justice to the play.”


    Twelve male members of a jury gather together in an enclosed room to deliberate their decision on a charge of murder against a young man who has been accused of killing his father. All of the jury, save for one, are convinced of this young man’s guilt, and they would like to convince their colleague also to come to the same unanimous decision. But will they be able to convince him to change his verdict?


    Ishwar Shunya who plays Juror number 3 while talking about his character says, “My character is intense and requires a lot of hard work. Dissociating the whole character  and then assembling the various emotional shades was an amazing journey. I loved the experience. Hoping to repeat the play.”


    The play depicts how these twelve men come together, who have never met each other before, and the interaction of their characters. The play promises to keep its audience captivated throughout.

     The play is based on an award winning film ‘Twelve Angry Men’ the best courtroom drama ever on stage. It has flawless plot and demands strong dialogue delivery. Abhijeet Singh playing Juror no. 10 and Anas Khan who plays Juror No. 1 in the play say that they have had a great experience preparing for the play. They have enjoyed every bit of their time spent while rehearsing and they hope the audience will enjoy as much.

    A treat to watch for the Delhi audience, we wish the team of Saanjha Sapnaa a wonderful experience as they bring the play alive.