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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    The Crumbling Fourth Pillar

    The recent media rage needs no introduction. It is a self explained phenomenon. The fact remains, electronic media is playing a big role and in a very important way, to change the way we look at things and understand them.

    The question also arises if having a name that stands out in the media fraternity and amongst the top players, also puts an added responsibility of fair journalism. It does not seem fair to be able to pick and choose the issues that should be blown out of proportion and other left to be buried.

    Over the time, there has been a decline and loss of ethical and fair journalism, or at least it was being felt; but the story that appeared yesterday comes as a frail proof. It stays frail, because it will not be gaining space or place in the electronic media to become powerful. Does being powerful mean autonomous power? Is this justified when one has the power to influence the thinking trajectories of many?

    The silence of the whole fraternity after the attempted suicide of anchor Tanu Sharma, who hails from India TV, is not normal. In her suicide note, she makes the mention of her seniors and clearly holds them responsible for her grievances that led her to take this fatal decision. It is easier to point fingers in the name of competitive and true journalism, as was done during Tarun Tejpal’s case, where the focus not was on exposing the truth but on destroying the image and entity of Tehelka.

    These are the same media persons who pull strings and shout names and claim to speak the truth without fearing and without sugar coating. The value of her life and reasons behind her grievance was not something that could bring them TRPs. India TV being a channel which has provided space with respect to animals, paranormal activities and many such similar important things and themes, perhaps felt the life of one its own was not worth it. And, this comes from a channel where people are invited to answer questions in the so called “Aap Ki Adaalat”.

    It is her fate, she survived and is now been declared out of danger by the doctors, but will it change anything for the electronic media is unsaid. Will the conscience be questioned and forced to wake up?
    It is complex to maintain the integrity of being the fourth pillar. It seems we lost that pillar long ago.
    • Abhi Singh

      Media has lost its soul.