• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    The Bihar confusion

    Bihar has 243 assembly seats and anyone would need the support of at least 122 MLAs to form a government. JDU and RJD are fighting on 100 seats each with 40 going to the congress. It effectively means that even if Nitish Kumar wins all the 100 seats, which is unlikely, he will need the support of Lalu Yadav to form the government.

    A party which runs the government is always at the mercy of its allies if the numbers turn out in such a way. We all know what an ally can do to the government, that too when the partner is Lalu and the CM is Nitish. We should not be mistaken friends, crime and degeneration of Bihar will increase once this JDU-RJD combine comes to power. Lalu Yadav will ensure to his full potential that the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is not able to perform. He will try his best to prepare the ground for the launch of his son in 2020. Sleeper cells of crime, which were once part of the organised kidnapping and extortion industry will become active. Doctors, Teachers and Engineers will be murdered in broad day light. We’ve all seen this happen in the past and remember those scary days as Jungle-raj. Please don’t close your eyes to such a reality. Lalu Yadav has been instrumental in bringing Bihar to as low as he could, making “Bihari” word a gaali.

    I have been one of the admirers and most vocal supporters of Nitish Kumar but this time I cannot excuse him the sin of joining hands with Lalu, a synonym of corruption and organised crime. If Nitish can join hands with Lalu for power, he can stoop to any low in the future. If the BJP-PDP was the most unnatural of alliance, so is the JDU-RJD. Also, there’s been a marked rise in communal tensions in the past couple of months in Bihar. There is a deliberate attempt from a political section to divide the electorate into Hindus & Muslims. Today, I am in a serious dilemma. It worries me. I don’t want to see the divisive authoritarian Modi becoming more powerful but at the same time, I don’t want Lalu Yadav back again.

    As a Bihari who has seen the degeneration of his state under Lalu-Rabri rule, the last thing I would want is seeing the political-jester dictating terms to the ruling government. It’s true that I have found people who support Lalu Yadav for his experiments with social justice and commitment to secularism. For many, his experiments were successful and as a result, Bihar is today one of those rare states where OBCs or SCs are relatively more politically empowered than in any other state. I find there observations biased and selective. For these supporters with a selective eye towards social justice, I would like to remind them of the numerous genocides and Dalit atrocities, especially in the 90s when Lalu was at his peak. Doesn’t it compromise with the plank of social justice and expose the only so-called achievement of Lalu?

    As far as Kejriwal is concerned, he has no stakes with the people of Bihar. His only aim is to continue hogging the media spotlight so that he is able to sustain the Modi vs Kejriwal TV war and not let anyone else fill that space. Now that the battleground and media glare shifts towards Bihar, Kejriwal will also shift to Bihar. He will always be present where the media is.

    Given the present scenario, there is no way that a Nitish government is possible without active support of Lalu Yadav. And we all know that the politician supporting a government is always more powerful than the one actually running it, that too when the numbers are such. I hope Kejriwal understands this and stops fooling the people by saying that he is only supporting Nitish, that he will not demand votes for anyone in Bihar. The fact is that – knowingly or unknowingly – Arvind Kejriwal is plotting the return of Lalu Yadav, a politician he once used to name publicly as the most corrupt. I pity those poor blindfolded supporters who never see anything wrong with what Arvind does.

    Whoever wins these elections, given the situation today, I can easily say that Bihar has already lost.

    – a disheartened Bihari

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    Chief National Spokesperson & Delhi President - Swaraj India (Party)
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    • Abhinav

      I am also a Bihari & I know this time..Bihar has already lost.