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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    The BHADRALOK Indian

    Gasping out of my living room window, I can see birds chirping, leaves dwindling, mighty cars and state transport buses ramming on road. As if nature’s canvas is portraying Kolkata’s sunset on its own hue. In India a true gentlemen (according to socially biased middleclass mindset) is someone having a white collar job or business whom you can find every morning pondering over price rise, inflation and increasing oil prices and then hurrying to his office 9 to 5. Evening seems to be different, a cigarette on left and a glass of tea on right, hands seem to be busier then Kolkata’s growing traffic, until weekends arrive.

    Bargaining over the price of Rohu or Catla is what a true gentleman is ought to do at fish market on a Sunday morning.

                                          By a gentleman I mean to say a true “BHADRALOK Indian”, every poor and underprivileged wish to be one and not a single rich is even bothered of. Statistics says it all, we the Bhadralok Indian counts for the majority of workforce of the wagon driving the Indian economy. Neither poor nor rich a Bhadralok can satisfy his family with Roti, Kapda and Makaan. Still if something is left in his yearly savings bank it accounts for his son’s higher education or daughter’s marriage. A modern Bhadralok doesn’t wear a dhoti but a neatly ironed trouser with a formal shirt suits his attire. In a metropolitan city like Kolkata, public transport is the best option for any Bhadralok for a cheap and effective ride.

                                          Creation of a Bhadralok starts early. Primary education leading to high school and Graduation completes the stereotype academic cycle. Father’s poor financial condition and mother’s difficulty to manage household sparks every youth to look turn a Bhadralok. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible to get a job. After getting a job every youth turned Bhadralok looks for bride to fall into the socially created system of “SANSAAR”. At this stage starts the urge for a better livelihood, practically this urge never stops. Once fallen into this, one cannot come out of the system even if he wishes to.

                                          Kolkata’s mornings are better than the evenings. But not every day a Bhadralok gets the chance to enjoy his morning tea with a free body, mind and soul because the two F’s of life depends on his tryst with the destiny. The two F’s are Family and Future. Family comes first and future is always uncertain. Hope to see better mornings.


    Author, SOURAV KAR MOHAPATRA is from Kolkata. He loves reading books & likes to participate in events, photography & travelling.

    • Karun Kumar

      Nyc 1 sammy

      • Sourav Kar Mohapatra

        thank you

    • Sruthi Jonna

      Sarcasm at its best. Its just amazing. Would love to see more posts from you Sourav Kar Mohapatra ! :)

      • Sourav Kar Mohapatra

        thanks.. nd surely will add sumthn new :)

    • Jyoti JR J

      Good one.

      • Sourav Kar Mohapatra

        thanks bro..

    • Cvs Kartheek

      nice one buddy..!

      • Sourav Kar Mohapatra

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    • ranginee09 .

      Lucid article on the middle-class Bengali – Bhadralok. Being a resident of Kolkata since last two years and sharing the mother tongue with majority, I have the privilege to form a miscible part of the milieu. Two aspects of Bhadralok culture appeals to me – always polite with one and all (probably the remnant of the wave of socialism which seems to be ebbing now) and the readiness to participate in cultural programs squeezing out every minute from the hectic schedule for rehearsal. Both aspects are interconnected. These sustain the community feeling which is so characteristic of Bengal.

      • Sourav Kar Mohapatra

        Thanks Ranginee for sharing your thoughts.