• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    Swaraj Abhiyan & “Drought Duty”

    Swaraj Abhiyan have launched a new campaign of nation building – “Drought Duty”, an internship to invoke, involve and actively associate youth in understanding drought and working for drought relief and mitigation.

    The organisation calling upon young people to devote at least 1 week in offering help in drought affected rural areas.

    Tasks the interns will do:

    • Gather data through surveys of drought affected areas                                           
    • Understanding what drought means to rural people at multiple levels
    • Map water resources of villages                                                                                   
    • Plan with local communities for revival of water resources
    • Disseminate entitlement information
    • Assist rural poor in paper work necessary for access to entitlements

    Outcomes Swaraj Abhiyan expect:

    • The data gathered from surveys, will become the definitive yardstick for all further plans made by any level of government and can be asserted by people themselves.
    • The data from water resource mapping will be used to prepare village level watershed management plans.

    What do Swaraj Abhiyan need from its members:

    To come forward and be a part of the program by volunteering to be a Trainer for the interns on behalf of Swaraj Abhiyan at the various centers for the internship program. The entire duration of the program is from 26th May to 15th July. Members are requested to commit to being a trainer for at least two batches of interns (approximately 19 days). 


    Shruti of Swaraj Abhiyan is coordinating this program and can be contacted at drought.volunteer@gmail.com, please add “volunteer for Drought Duty” in the subject text; or, over the phone at 7065003180.