• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
  • Time

    A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

    There lived a little girl, unperturbed by life’s oppression,

    The intensity of this world’s cruelty was way beyond her suspicion.

    She felt the world was good to her as she was to it

    But she forgot that to judge the world, eyes are not enough, you need the vision.


    It was not that she was left alone,

    But the acceptance she received was never her own.

    Attention and glamour attracted her soft heart,

    Thus, she submitted herself to it all.


    Very happy she was, happy with the moment’s glee,

    Hence she allowed the world, to lead her integrity.

    Money, compliments, fame brought satisfaction,

    A little girl that was she, alas, she could not see.


    Being part of metropolitan, illegal things seemed extremely cool,

    Catching up with the modern world thus became her only goal.

    She did not realize what she was leaving behind in this all,

    However, she was ready to become this hypocrite world’s doll.


    She failed to distinguish between the wrong and right,

    A lie to her seemed true, and the truth a lie.

    Her parents and her genuine well wishers turned to be her biggest enemies,

    She was suffering from an illness called False Pride.


    But she soon realized that the people she thought of true friends were not really true,

    They joined her in her happiness and abandoned her in her woe.

    The people who stood by her at her dark days were the people she had rejected earlier,

    And she then realized she was now alone.


    Now, when she turns back, she sees nothing but the hurt she caused,

    guilt surrounds her all at once

    When they wanted to be with her, she jerked them away,

    But now she was somewhere where no one else was to be seen.


    She knew she could walk right back,

    She knew her well wishers still stand by her, she had faith.

    Strength was what she could not gather anymore,

    Cause now it was too late to make it up.

    Thus here comes my earnest plea,

    Don’t get wooed by the world’s attractions,

    Respect your loved ones,

    This could be just a story,

    But it could also be either your or mine

    There is a thing to remember




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