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    ~ Mark Twain

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    Singham Returns – Review

    Welcome to a parallel world of reality. Welcome to a part where you don’t have to be logical. Where there are fit forces with six pack abs. Welcome to the world of flying cars, people. And welcome to the world of one-man-army, the world of “Singham”.


    The movie starts with a report of a missing person which leads to a political party and a “Baba” and tear by tear the drama gets unfolded without getting dreary or dull for a single moment. While the movie is full of action packed scenes, it casually puts some hard-hitting questions which are yet unanswered after so many years of independence. The romantic angle and the songs could have been done away with but that’s not bollywood so you will have some time to grab your popcorn.




    The movie is obviously much better than its first part and if you expect sheer entertainment, you’re going to have a time of your life. As soon as the movie starts, not once will you want to leave your seat. There is one too many high adrenaline action scenes with some quality cinematography and pitch perfect screenplay. Rohit Shetty delivers what he is best at and you wonder why he made Chennai Express last year. Devgn is at his best and with this sequel he again redefines the role of a Police Officer and successfully carries the legacy of Angry Young Man set by our very own Big B. Kareena’s funny is overdone at times but she provides enough light moments to tickle you. Amole Gupte is the only let down who tries too hard to be Prakash Raj. So, Daya todo your ghar ka darwaja and treat yourself with an exemplary dose of entertainment.