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    ~ Mark Twain

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    Shahid – a story of self belief

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    After a long tiring week, I got to watch a movie which has given me strength and has refreshed me all along. Shahid is a story which shows how stark reality could be. From a Terrorist camp in Kashmir to the custodian of constitution, the Bombay High Court, the journey of Shahid is that of Grit & Determination.

    Shahid is a film which encourages us to think positively even in the dreariest of circumstances. Based on real life events, its a biographical take on the life of Shahid Azmi. As a lawyer at Bombay High Court, Shahid Azmi, in a short career span of seven years, had achieved a rare feat of 17 acquittals. Yes, “17” of those people who were innocent but were languishing in Indian prisons. He was a God-sent saviour for those common men.

    Rajkumar Yadav has played the character with ultimate ease exuding powerful emotions. Shahid is a cinematic manifestation of strength & conviction. The resilience & struggle which the character undergoes is reflected when he escapes death; when he runs away from a militant camp; when he faces torturous behaviour of police; when he is under trial desperate to come out clean; when he, with some well-intentioned jail inmates stops himself from being mind-washed by Omar Shareef; when he utilizes his time in prison by studying for a better life; when he chooses to live life on his own terms and leaves a lucrative career in the office of a reputed lawyer; when he vows to fight for the weak and poor and finally ends as a lonely & depressed Shahid still having faith in judiciary.

    Apart from Shahid’s struggle & fight for justice, the role of every member of his family is worth noting. From the elder brother who always stands by him in whatever Shahid does to a loving mother and the wife who acts as a pillar of strength, the film signifies the importance of family in one’s struggle. Altogether, this movie needs to be rated high for good direction, excellent acting and of course the way it is presented before the audience.

    I will give this movie 0.5 less than a maximum score of 5.

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    • Kuldeep Yadav

      Being a cinema lover, I, till my college days, have watched whatever came to my fold. Now a days I am little bit choosy for going out to theatre until there are good reviews. After going through your reviews there is an urge for the movie to be watched.