• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
  • Seasons


    The song of summer just faded away
    I knew hardly when the monsoon came
    Little did I know
    I was drenched in its rain.

    Only when the drops evaporated
    I realized I have just been waiting
    For what I still do not see clear enough

    Neither do I know where to go
    Its frost and chilly outside my door
    Having hardly any wood to burn
    I snuggle in my little blanket of thoughts
    That I have woven
    With timeless times of thinking through
    And now I know
    There is nothing new.

    When was the day that I looked back?
    So engrossed I have been
    Dealing with the entire world’s crap.

    And now that I see
    There is nothing to be seen.
    Not a shadow
    Not a light
    Not even my own being.

    Was it so long that I stopped to think
    Having hardly a moment to even blink.
    Its endless heaps of crowded thoughts
    Those have just been cluttering up my room.

    And now I am tired of the season’s change,
    It never wants to stay the same.

    It wants to change
    And says that’s nature’s way.

    So why have I kept myself so bunged,
    Why am I not open to boom?
    Oh! Well… its time for summer to come
    And bathe me in the shining sun.

    And bring with it promises
    Of seasons that follow.
    And fill with love and beauty
    My hollow.

    I sing again the song of summer,
    Waiting for it to bring something new.

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