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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    The Queer debate : Are you Gay?

    The Supreme Court’s re-criminalizing “gay sex and same sex marriage” is fading out of news as the capitol deals with the people’s party (AAP). Mr. Kejriwal has all the attention to himself these days, any that was left is being shed at the sudden mysterious death of Mrs. Tharoor and her husband’s recently developed chest pains. I am sure these days this is most of what is being discussed. Pondering over something which is not the talk of town comes naturally to me. So, lets gather some attention back to the queers.

    Why are we so against the idea of gay-ism? Fine, we do not have to go and fight for them, but then why do we need to be so against them, make faces and raise eyebrows? All is cool all the time then where does the philosophy of, “each one for himself” go? At the end of it, it is the individual’s life, and it is for him/her to choose what is to be done with it. Agreed that this is not one the common practice in a society, but then, there is always scope for leverage and change, and especially when it is not harming any one in any way.

    My frown grows deeper when I look at the narrow definition of “normal” and the hypocritical definition of “natural” in the society. It is so strange how all naturalism is conveniently defined at will. Same sex marriage/relationship is unnatural, taken, so are a lot of medical practices. With the advancement of medical sciences, a solution is being made available for almost every problem. Why is In Vitro Fertilization not criminalized, or for that matter artificial insemination, surrogacy and so many more. In the name of “making life comfortable”, so many unnatural practices are done, why no questions for them? If “god’s will” is so big and important and if “man and woman is the way of nature”, then why force a fetus in a uterus if it not meant to be? These are the known things, how will we ever debate on things like anal sex and fellatio? Who decides and how of what goes on inside the four walls? I will not be surprised if this argument is trashed as pure nonsense.

    By nature, humans have an obsession to control everything. At our convenience we decide if something should be done or not. We pray to gods who had more than one wife and at the same time believe in “holy matrimony”. We sing hymns of Meera who threw her marital life to crash while being lost in love of another, even if it were Krishna. The society doesn’t make us, we make the society. Who gives anybody the right to disrupt someone’s happiness because they did not choose a life partner of the different sex? How is a single mother/ father raising a child is fine and two mothers/fathers raising a child leads to a “skewed family dynamics” justifiable?

    Who decides the roles and rules of the society? In a time like today where both the man and the woman play interchangeable roles when it comes to roles and responsibilities in a house, where can this argument find any sane justification? The “wearing pants in the family” does not exist the same way it used to.

    What happened to the concept of love being blind/between two souls not bodies and similar cheesy craps? And does it really matter then, whether you are gay or not?

    The reactions and behaviors can to some extent be blamed on the homophobic attitude of our religious leaders. I find the statement made by Baba Ramdev particularly hilarious, when he said that homosexuality could be cured by yoga and it was a bad addiction. Now did he imply there is a good addiction otherwise, that is supported by the society and is considered right by all means? Then we could easily glide into the premises of pre-marital sex and why the Supreme Court does not stop from making skewed statements.

    But that should be for some other time.

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