• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
  • aamir

    PK : Review

    #1 “Is desh me rehna hai to bhagwan ke baare me kuch mat bolo”

    #2 “Bhagwan ne kai company khol ke rakhi hai aur sabke apne apne managers hain”


    Back in the 80s, Bollywood mostly came up with movies where we have a larger than life Hero who is born to fight crimes and criminals. And now we have Raju Hirani who also, in each of his flicks, creates a larger than life hero who but uncannily questions the beliefs, fights the negativity, and develops an entirely endearing environment around himself. Again in this movie, he nurtures a character which will remain with you and in your heart for long, for his ingenuousness, and for his take on religions. Yes, we again have a movie which is a satire on the different gods, and their related superstitions (Remember “Oh my God”?). But this one is more heartwarming as it carries on the impeccable Aamir (as an astronaut from some other planet) who once again proves his mettle with a stellar of a performance. He will make you smile with his innocence, will make you laugh so much to lose your seats, and again at times will shiver you completely while portraying his agony and vulnerability. Typical Raju, whose screenplay (with Abhijat Joshi) is of world class and like always he has something immense as his subject to put a remark on the beliefs of the society, and preach you without getting tedious for a single moment.

    Anushka may not be as spunky as you have expected to but she still steals the show for her earnest and honest portrayal of a reporter. There are some scenes which stand out like the one “dance sequence” by Aamir and Anushka for the message it delivers, the other side of it, that how it can make you happy even in your most grave moment. Kudos to Raju for that!!

    The movie transforms from being a laugh riot (in the first half) to a philosophical take on Gods and Godmen in the later half only to get over dramatized in the climax in typical Raju Hiranisque style. Still it provides you enough moments to keep you completely satiated in the end. 2014, I believed was going to become one of the worst year for Bollywood but this one movie, coming at the end season, is going to keep this year in the history books. So don’t be a लूल and go..go..go, go “bhaste” your time, you will surely come out laughing and acknowledging Raju’s satire on you as the सवाल  his protagonist possesses will remain with you for long.

    • Abhinav

      Jo dar gaya samjho mandir gaya. Excellent movie