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    ~ Mark Twain

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    Pankh: A budding Filmaking group

    “Pankh” has been one of the budding youth group actively taking interest in theatre plays, street plays and on screen short films, they have created their own niche here in College. However they wanted to take things further with their short films. What started as a hobby soon turned into serious short film making with their initial films such as “Ehsaas”.


    They have created a hype for themselves after they released Gangs of Berozgaar which was a parody of the famous Gangs of Wasseypur. No one has the idea that this small attempt would reach out and have over 2 Lakh views on Youtube! Woah. It was certainly a big achievement for them. Since then, their work has been appreciated by people all across and celebrities, with Manoj Bajpai himself re-tweeting the link to their movie. Satyakam Anand, who played JP in the original Gangs of Wasseypur movie, is a big fan of the entire Pankh Team. So much so, that he even agreed to do a small role in the sequel when he came to KIIT University.

    The most awaited trailer of “Gangs of Berozgaar-2” has been released. Have a look.

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