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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    NH10 : Interesting India to Depressing Bharat

    Ph se Phantom… A se Anushka… N se Navdeep and I se India. 
    A young couple, totally in love, *mad love*, go for their second honeymoon via NH10 and on their way they meet some Jat goons and watch them doing the infamous “honor killing”. What happens next will shudder you to the core. 
    Navdeep, one of the most underrated director, moves from Rajasthan (the thrilling, “Manorama 6 feet under”) to the interiors of Haryana and showcases the grave reality, the young India is facing. He takes his own to time to build up the drama (there are times in the first half where you’d want to leave), “the intense one”. Another irritating part is that the plot is very predictable, blame it on the writing, but the sensational screenplay and astonishing background score saves it and saves it big time. And then there is this girl “Anushka Sharma”. Yes, there is no doubt that I love her, and like whatever she does but she completely surprised me with this one. She cries, she screams, she kills and she gives goosebumps. An inspired performance, which grows inside you with every scene as she controls each and every bits of the story. How about awarding her best actress of the year already without any other nominee. It is that sort of a performance. This movie, even though being painfully dreary, drags you to the depressing Bharat from the interesting India and if you have a bit of patience with you, you’re going to watch one of the best climax any of the movies had in recent times- engaging, engrossing and chilling. Go get your Naina “chhilled” and spine chilled. And once again, kudos to Anushka for her acting and for producing such a movie, a brave one, the grave one.