• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    I live in a perpetual dream and believe me it has it’s benefits and its disadvantages.

    It is easy to let go of the past as it was only a dream. The present will not endure for long and so it is helpful to detach myself from it. I never have to worry about the future and still be sure that it will be full of unexpected turns and thrills that dreams are made of. I live a life of phenomenal unpredictability and that is also the disadvantage. 

    As in a dream for others, so in my life; I can be what I want, do what I want and feel what I want. At the same time all this is as distant to me as a dream. Nothing really leaves an impression and it is difficult to connect with others who take you for real but who are only an imaginary fragment of a dream for you. And also you experience the inability to take control of what is happening around you, you become like a ship without a navigator, in the middle of an ocean. Every wave and wind can twist your path and you can just look on. 

    May be I will wake up some day, but then all will not be the same and the disillusionment will not be short of any illusion in itself. Till then I will continue sailing, unguided and most willing in this voyage of forever changing enigma that is my life: MY TIME AND MY SPACE.

    (Author of the article Raj Laxmi Singh is a PhD student from JNU based in New Delhi)