• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    My Death Now Speaks for Me

    They say my honour 
    is my problem
    They threw me off
    and killed me.

    I have not died 
    the first time today, 
    I die everyday.
    At hands of parents, 
    husbands, brothers 
    and sisters too.
    At hands of friends 
    and my society too.

    They say I should have
    been more careful 
    I could have saved myself 
    from being teased, molested,
    raped or killed.

    I should have been born
    in a stadium 
    My first words 
    should have been, ‘Stay away’.
    Before I learnt 
    how to crawl 
    I should have learnt 
    to kick and stab.

    But no, they don’t let me carry weapons, 
    nor red chilli powder.
    They say, ‘You wanted to walk
    shoulder to shoulder, how is it you can’t defend yourself? ‘
    They jeer.

    I face humiliation
    I face trauma.
    Yet, my head must hang in shame.
    They say, ‘What will the people say?’

    How am I an equal?

    I am punished for being mistreated,
    humiliated for reporting a crime. 
    The police will ask,
    ‘How many were they?’
    The doctor will make a case study of me.
    The reporter will ask,
    ‘How did you feel?’

    I should not feel humiliated.
    The Government always expresses remorse, 
    Facebook revolutions come in my name,
    So what they stay a day or two. 
    My name flashes on TVs 
    and it fetches high TRPs too.

    I should feel accepted. 
    Should I feel accepted?

    They say indulgence is their right. 
    I dare to say no,
    They threw me off 
    to silence me.

    My death
    now speaks for me.

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