• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."


    In Delhi Metro, all the things have been planned pretty well especially the seating arrangements for important and needy sections of the society and it is all the more appreciative after they introduced a separate bogie for women passengers.

    The only flaw in this arrangement are the passengers themselves. Even after this kind of an arrangement, passengers at the busiest stations come running, most of the times fiercely, into the bogie in order to enjoy their authority on the vacant seats and in the process disrespecting the passengers de-boarding the train by blocking their way out. This has been going around in respect to almost every Metro in the world which makes the situation more alarming than ever.

    Why male passengers aged between 20-50, do this kind of a non-societal act?

    Possible reasons:-

    — They are not man enough to stand through their whole journey although this is expected out of them by other demographic sections of the society.

    — As public, they own the metro and everyone thinks they have a birthright to sit even if it means treating fellow passengers in a non-societal way.

    — They are bounded by the “pleasure seeking passion of the humans” which seems to be completely natural(but which is not the case it is nothing but a human made habit. It is like many other disguised natural acts of humans, ).

    Apart from this non-societal act, passengers in this age group are becoming selfish by the day and this selfishness can be indicated by the gestures of the passengers when they do not offer seats to their fellow passengers in the same age group even after they have had the pleasure of seating for sometime say half an hour or so.

    An ordinary passenger, when gets a seat, is likely to get up just before the station where he/she has to de-board. This seems completely natural and a way which is followed in every other shared public transport. But the flaw in this natural act is that when passengers does not feel pity for the fellow passenger who are travelling with you since some time.

    Imagine a situation where-in two passengers board a bogie with no vacant seats. Just after few minutes one gets a seat which makes him sit right in front of the fellow passenger who boarded the train with him and who is still standing.

    “If someone is undertaking some act, after half an hour, that act aggravates in terms of benefits or the lack of it i.e. the pleasure of sitting loses much of its importance after your body has enjoyed that pleasure of sitting for some minutes and in the case of the passenger who is standing, the pain of standing aggravates as the time passes away”.

    Going back to the situation imagined earlier. After more than half hour of Journey, the passenger who got the seat is still sitting, passing his time the relaxed way, and the other one is still standing passing his time the uneasy way.

    Now this creates a deadlock in respect of a solution. The sitting passenger cannot be hold of any guilty of not offering the standing passenger any seat and also the standing passenger cannot ask anyone to let him sit as he is not supposed ask for this due to his exclusion from the needy sections of the society. Although he may require the seat just for the simple reason of tiredness.

    At this deadlock there should be some motivating factor for the sitting passenger to offer the seat to a standing passenger as and when he thinks his body now does not need any pleasure from sitting.

    A quote to motivate them:-

    “One can share or reduce the pain of the standing passenger by leaving the seat at least 2 to 3 stations before your destination”.

    This will make the passengers not thrusting their way towards the vacant seats when the door of the bogie gets opened because they are assured that after a while they will get a seat as sitting passengers are concerned and will leave their seats as early as possible for them to leave.

    Overall, this act of the sitting passenger would be a perfect practical example of expressing and spreading a human and social message of helping the people in pain by reducing or sacrificing some of your own unnecessary pleasures.

    (Ankit Malhotra is a Delhi based professional photographer and part time writer)

    • Shrikant Dubey

      A comprehensive write up important for any sensible person who avails public transport for commuting on daily basis in any of the metro cities. Though here Ankit Malhotra deals with the case, precisely, of Delhi metro but it can be implemented in general on various modes of public transport. Let’s congratulate and thank him for this of his expression.

      • Ankit Malhotra

        Thank you sir! A young and popular professional writer like yourself has been a great influence and inspiration!

    • Anand dubey

      Nicely observed, expressed and solutioned. Thank you Ankit.

      • Ankit Malhotra

        Thank you Mr. Dubey