• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."

    Mardaani – Review

    Every few months, there comes a movie which reminds you that Bollywood is changing. Be it Gangs of Wasseypur, Special 26 or Madras Cafe. Taking a script out of some real life incidents with doses of entertainment value added to it. Mardani is one such movie this week which but unfortunately fails to provide any edge of the seat drama. The movie deals with human (read: teenage girls) trafficking which is one of the biggest concerns in our country (and the world) and genuinely touches the unemotional attitude of the government and police towards rape and rape victims.




    Shivani, Sr. Inspector, Crime Branch finds her niece kidnapped and quite bollywoodistically, she leaves all her duties and goes after the racket just for the sake of that “one girl”. The moment you believe that the movie is awfully inspired by Liam Neeson’s classic “Taken” and would start to leave your seat, you get immaculately preached about your unemotional “one girl” idea and how. Perfect. And inspiring. The movie has some sharply crafted action scenes and thrilling chases that keeps you glued. While the conversation between Rani and Tahir is of high quality, some scenes puts you awestruck. Watch out for the scene where Rani’s Doctor husband gets attacked by an angry mob. Rani Mukherjee’s cop act is gritty, subtle yet unrealistic. Still, she gives another brilliant performance after No one killed Jessica and pulls perfectly the Dabangg and the Singham. Tahir is a revelation and perfectly complements Rani with an interesting innovative villainous act. Gopi’s writing is extremely interesting but fails to provide any adrenaline thrilling experience for lack of any twist in the tale. While the climax was the high point of the movie, you will get thoroughly disappointed by the late climax which gets so dreary and idiotic that you may almost bang your head. All said and done, kudos to Pradeep Sarkar for taking up such a sensitive issue and keeping it simple to keep you engrossed almost to the end. So go, refresh yourself with another meaningful hard-hitting cinema and come back with some questions and thoughts in your mind and heart.