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    ~ Mark Twain

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    Krrish 3: Unintentionally funny!!

    Over the past few years there has been a trend among film-makers to release some of the most illogical but funny (Read Rohit Shetty’s style) movies during Diwali. This year unintentionally, we are again subjected to the same excruciatingly funny style. To be frank, I didn’t expect anything special from the movie given its promos and songs and it certainly lived up to its expectations.

    The movie starts where it ended in the last part. Krishna is happily married living with his father and wife in a city where every other moment some misfortune occurs only to see Krrish coming to everyone’s rescue. Somewhere far from there, we have Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) who is hell-bent to destroy the world, with the help of mutants (he named them Manvars, creative indeed) he created, for reasons best known to him. Unable to find any explanations, you try to question yourself if you can stay till the end. I sleepwalked through the entire first half in anticipation that the movie may take an exciting turn in the next only to be disappointed. Entire movie has an unbearable and clichéd story line (there is this one “Hriday Parivartan” scene where you’d so want to bang your head) with a cluster of cheesy dialogues (like Jahan Crisis hai, waha Krrish hai and Baap ke aansu aur ashirwad) and tacky and extremely flawed screenplay. Difficult to understand what the group of Six writers (Yes, there are six writers) were smoking or were they given one Hollywood movie each to be inspired to create our own Bollywood Superhero, the hackneyed and embarrassing version. There are copious references that can be said to be taken directly from one major Hollywood flick or another. You somehow reach to the climax which is obviously predictable but indeed a real treat to your eyes. The visual effects are neatly done and are the only saving grace but alas they come too late.

    In terms of acting, Hrithik is earnest as Krrish, drowsy as Krishna and monotonous as Rohit. Priyanka doesn’t seem to recover from her latest Zanzeer and gives you somnolent feelings. Vivek tries hard but his role is as limited as his Kaal’s physical ability. Only Kangana stands out among others as seductress Kaaya giving an effervescent and stimulating performance. There are no other characters that can be talked about and this remains the biggest negative for the movie. The mutants’ qualities have never been elucidated which made the characters unfinished and you wonder why.

    Music is an even bigger let down and you suspect if that came from the Roshans. Papa Roshan has an inspired but completely uninspired imagination where he still believes that he needs to re-launch his son by making him to show off his abs that are made until his pubic regions (Gross!!!) and those Jabardasti ka dance sequence to flex his muscle. This Indian version of a Superhero flick has been given an overdose of melodrama (remember early 90’s movies) which either annoys you or makes you laugh. Also, the scenes are so intermittently and erratically woven that you fail to connect yourself with whatever drama you are being subjected to.

    So, this Diwali, go give yourself a treat, enjoy with your family by not watching this film. Even staying at home and doing nothing is a better idea.

    • shruti sharma

      do not quite remember when was the last time i enjoyed reading a movie being bashed and whacked like this one! So Krishh did not take a good flight it seems!