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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
  • Jethmanali to Jaitley

    Ram Jethmalani’s ranting letter to Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Black Money

    Date: 23-10-2014

    Dear Minister (Finance)


    “I am sorry to write this to you on Deepawali day but I must wish you a happy and healthy new year which I do.

    Now something very serious and sad.

    First all investigation in the matter of Black Money stashed in foreign tax heavens is by order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court rested in the SIT which exists. It is your duty to take no steps in investigation without information supplied to SIT and its permission obtained.

    Your action in approaching the Supreme Court with the kind of petition you have filed is one of the most ill advised steps taken. The DTAT or any equivalent document is not of the most ill advised steps taken. The DTAT or any equivalent document is not to be used and cannot be used. We are not dealing with persons or entities who by the Law of India and Germany are liable to pay tax in both countries on the same income. About 18 names were supplied to me under orders of the Hon’ble Court. Crooks like Hassan Ali do not exist amongst them. It is most unfortunate that you continue to act only on DTATS. This only shows your determination not to get any culprit apprehended or even identified.

    You were the Leader of opposition when the Germans announced that they were willing to shares the names with any friendly country without cost or condition. No one from the government moved for the obvious reason that in all likelihood, according to me bigwigs in the ruling party were involved. The Germans never spoke of DTAT. Our people deliberately brought it in as a certain method of rendering the entire investigation futile and making our corrupt rulers escape arrest and prosecution.

    It was your duty as a leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha and Sushmaji’s duty in the Lok Sabha to establish immediate contact with the Germans to get at the names. I strongly suspect that your conduct shows that you too like many others do not want truth to come out. Your public statements the thing on one day and another the next day are product of a troubled conscience and mental confusion, a deadly combination.

    It appears to me that you do not know seem to have heard about the United Nation Convention Against Corruption which Germany and Switzerland have signed & ratified. Naturally it did not suit the Sonia Manmohan government to ratify it. They did not do it till half of 2011 was over.

    I made strong arguments based on it. And finally the ratification came some time before the 4th July Judgement of the Supreme Court. The ratification was a pretence. It was only used to cover a huge fraud which I exposed. Naturally you would not know. I have no desire to explain it to you.

    You are persistent in the fraud as your answers in the Rajya Sabha to questions on 8th and 15th July clearly show.

    You recently had a near brush to death. This should have created in you a change in your moral make up and devotion to the nation. You are destroying what Modiji has built during the last election campaign.

    You do not know much of criminal law and hardly anything about complex criminal investigations particularly the kind involved in the present case. You do not have the humility to learn from your intellectual & moral superiors.

    You are taking the nation to suicide and exposing Modiji to the change of having misguided the nation. This might be your method of taking revenge for his snatching office which you thought belonged to you.

    You are out to help the biggest criminals to escape.

    Please do not send names you have got from the Germans to the Swiss. Send them to the SIT so they can tell them what to do. The Supreme Court is monitoring the investigation. It is not an investigation agency.

    I have learnt about this more from the morning papers.


    Yours sincerely

    Ram Jethmalani

    Expelled member of BJP