• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    The Indian Republic!

    Decades ago we fought the British for our Independence. Centuries earlier we had the Mughals as outsiders. Digging even deeper in history we find our motherland been ruled by many such alien authorities and ill-intentioned powers. In simple terms, we were not Independent.

    Now that we celebrate an Independence day and a Republic day every year, paradoxically still, there are people fighting for it in many parts of the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Punjab to the North-East, there has virtually been no region which has not had a past strewn with seeds of separatism. Furthermore, even the elected government like that of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi has officially declared our Republic to be a misnomer. Such pandemonium, uproar and unrest exemplify dissatisfaction of masses. Words like Democracy, Independence and Republic, at times look to be vague words with different meanings for myriad interested groups.

    This, now leaves us to an inescapable question,”What does being independent mean?”

    Does it simply mean having a national flag of your own, or having a national anthem in the vernacular language? Is it a true manifestation of freedom to have a unique currency or to have one of your fellow countrymen as the head of state? Since time immemorial, philosophers and thinkers have put so much over the true definition of an independent state.

    In my view, being Independent must give us a sense of Power, a feel of Authority over the policies and a sense of  Responsibility towards our duties. I agree that this isn’t practically as simple as it seems to be in writing, but the state should strive towards this effect if it were to be a true Republic and a Participatory Democracy.

    Freedom at a personal level has more to do with the dynamics of one’s immediate surroundings, rather than the type of rulers. Yes, the dynamics of a society is of course decided by the process and style of governance.

    The way Indian society has reinvented itself in newer ways time and again is a scintillating proof of the freedom we enjoy. Only a free society can have the liquidity to flow independently. Time since independence, the Indian society has evolved and metamorphosed leaps & bounds. This is for all of us to see and fathom the privileges we enjoy – The very fact that we can even doubt our Republic and the level of independence is proof enough of our freedom. Though, at times these privileges may seem blurring behind the nebulous political system but again, the onus of clearing this nebula lies on us.

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    Chief National Spokesperson & Delhi President - Swaraj India (Party)
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    • Lakshmipathi

      Evolution of republic!?!!

    • Prof S.U.Khan

      You too like BJP consider Mughals as alien as you write ‘Centuries earlier we had the Mughals as outsiders’–strange. Who other than Babar or at best Humayun came from outside? Even Humayun died and was buried in India. His descendents were born and buried on this very land. If you so view history, then Muslims may not feel homely in your party. Prof S.U.Khan