• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    India Dreams To Rise And Shine

    A democratic milestone, a secular legend, a cultural epic and a potential superpower – What more can we ask for! The story of India is nothing but an exhaustive artwork threaded into its very fabric which has been painted and repainted with dreams. Dreams that have come to define what as a nation we are, what our history has been. These dreams comprise the complex hues of politics, ethnic diversity and popular cultures. The decisions which were made in the past, undone in due course of time, and then made again has lead our country to the place it is at today.

    Comprising 17.31% of the world’s population, with an economy ranked third by PPP and tenth by GDP, a nuclear power with the second largest standing army, India presently could not have been more impressive. Indian democracy is yet another such jewel in its long line of successes. The tremendous changes that India has recently faced is quite remarkable. The AAP phenomenon, the recent supreme court ruling on giving the voters the right to reject, the powerful and influential public protests in the recent past have come to demonstrate democracy’s more broader meaning worldwide.

    India having already launched its unmanned orbital probe for moon- Chandrayaan-I on 22 October 2008, the recent successful launch of India’s first Mars bound spacecraft in November 2013 makes it the fourth country to have reached Mars. Not lagging behind, cast in these long lines of glory is India’s blooming IT industry. The self-sustaining private enterprises have shot through the glass ceiling to bring laurels to the country’s economy. In an era that ushers India into an increasing financial superiority with the most sophisticated technologies at its disposal and a lethal military force to exert dominance, what could be weighing its aspirations to sink? Even with so much of potential, India is after all being held back due to its overblown population, its poor healthcare system, widespread poverty, rampant illiteracy and the threadbare infrastructure. It all seems to be centered around inefficient governance and thus puts a big question mark on its working. The complete hierarchy of problems come down to one core fact of life: corruption. Corruption in India can be seen as a hulky antagonistic monster which crushes every positive force in the country to feed its own few selected benefactors. Another reason why the government of the country fails in its prior motive to follow its own motto: “Satyamev Jayate” is because the political class is falsely motivated by power and not a willingness to resolve the country’s problems. Power promises the double advantage of influence and corruption, both at the same time to our political class. In a country with a population as diverse and the confines of religious fundamentalism still rock solid due to illiteracy, the power hungry politicians of our democracy jump in to drive public sentiment on religion and caste rather than on progressive policies. All of this sets a vicious cycle in place, where the so called leaders of the country are empowered by an ignorant majority of population and in turn the leaders let ignorance prevail. For voters losing their ignorance would mean the leaders losing their power. To cut across this cycle, we need true motivation, an idea of national commitment, a wave that swells and swells with people until it strikes the shores of mainstream politics to break into the old and rigid walls of misled governance. As perfectly said by Victor Hugo: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. It is high time that the people must know what the present scenario of India now demands, real visionaries to stand up and shatter the doom of entrenched failures at every level. Swami Vivekananda’s sayings still holds true to its meaning. He said and I quote some part of it “What our country now wants is muscles of iron and nerves of steel, gigantic will, which nothing can resist, which will accomplish their purpose in any fashion”.

    As India sets sail to the horizon of a new beginning, the tides of struggle, chaos and dirty politics all mixed together are bound to ruffle a few feathers here and there. Right now the question we need to deal with is: Will India live long enough to be at the apex of a new world order? Or will it never be able to wake up from its slumber, to a dawn that sees India tame its monsters and rise as never before? Well as a matter of fact, only time will tell what fate has in store for us. For now, change is all aboard!

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