• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    The Ideal Education

    “Education”, it is one of those English words which has different perspectives and meanings for different people in the society. Going by one common perception, there are people who believe that education is limited to only reading and writing. The other view we often come across is that education simply means holding a degree which works as the proof of your qualification, how well you do justice to that qualification is a forgotten question.

    The Rig-Veda, defines ‘education” as something which makes man self- reliant & selfless’, the definition given by this manuscript is inclined towards self- actualization. Another definition presented by Kautilya (Chanakya), known and credited for the establishment of Maurya Empire, is ‘education means training for the country & love of the nation ‘. Probably his thoughts were focused towards the development & flourishment of the nation & thus somehow his motive is visible in the way he defined education. Most influential learned people had much of their own lookout for education and it was a  reflection  of their personality.

    Talking of ‘ideal education’, it would be worth pondering what does ‘ideal’  mean?  If we go by the literal meaning, ideal means something which is most suitable or is just next to perfection. But practically, ideal simply means something which is satisfying one’s conception of being so accurate & correct that everyone praises it and follows the same path. Therefore, ideal education should be of the kind which caters to the basic needs and aspirations of a child or rather a student who is in the process of shaping his dreams to achieve the “perfect future”. While we get into discussions about what makes an ideal education system, the need to know what constitutes a basic education system is of prime importance.

    An ideal educational system can only come into being if the foundation  is strong enough . Everything from providing better facilities & accessibility to the institution which would ultimately provide an improvement in the quality of services to the students comes next.

    There can be no education without a good teacher and this comes without any doubt. The business of schools and colleges has hardly left any room for teachers to exist in the mainstream. Even though the recruitment process is firm, loopholes still exist. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when one cannot be surprised at the demand of an English speaking Hindi teacher.

    The educators need to be educators and not English speaking, perfectly dressed models. The education system can never flourish till the fake does not come to an end.                       

    “Vidya dadati vinayam, vinayadyaati    paatrataam,

                          Paatratvad dhanamaapnoti, Dhanaad dharmam tatah sukham”

    “Education gives humility, humility gives character, from character one gets wealth, from wealth one gets righteousness, in righteousness there is joy.”



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