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    ~ Mark Twain

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    Happy New Year – Review

    Farah Khan is a big movie buff. So she watched some Hollywood movies to get inspired for the story and some Bollywood movies for her screenplay. While the former has become a trend and now very much acceptable among new age audiences, the latter is the territory of Farah like she did in ‘Main Hoon Na’ and ‘Om Shanti Om’. In ‘Happy New Year’ too, she ingeniously creates spoofing of some of the classy scenes/dialogues of recent movies mostly of SRK. Again, she also has a queer sense of humor where she unintentionally makes some of the most original comic scenes like the ‘lift scene’ and another one where the actors are reading subtitles in the movie. You will have genuine laughs, one too many but they are always followed by extremely stretched dreary scenes as Farah always tends to overdo things, be it comedy, be it the emotional quotient. And that’s where the movie fails. Big time.




    There is nothing in the story to be talked about, you have seen it many times. The music is already a hit and the choreography keeps you alive and ‘Lovely’. What comes as a surprise is the forgotten Junior B who will take away all the accolades from everyone. He fits his role and owns it completely. Deepika comes very late but she too keeps you active with a character who worships dance and loves English (minus her emotional atyachar) in a rather sleepy atmosphere the others have created. The biggest disappointment is SRK, who has actually nothing to do in this movie. Each and every scene of his, you will say, oh Shahrukh! Déjà vu, I have seen you doing it. He offers nothing, absolutely nothing. None of the other character remains with you when you leave the hall and you ask why. Because throughout the movie, ‘almost’, you had a good share of laugh and sheer enjoyment but even if you want to, you may not recommend this movie as worth a watch. Should I? Okay, go and entertain yourself. You will surely laugh, you will surely sleep. I loved this movie, as I for one, love both, ‘sleep and laugh’.