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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    Gandhigiri by DU students demanding a 24*7 reading hall

    Students of Delhi university found a unique way to wish new year 2016 to their acting Vice Chancellor Mr. Sudhish Pachauri. Under the banner of (Y4S) Youth for Swaraj, hundreds of students associated with Swaraj Abhiyan gathered near the Vivekananda statue in north campus of the university at 12noon for an interesting & innovative campaign to demand a 24*7 reading hall in the university. Students also wanted to present the VC with a huge hand-made greeting card wishing a happy new year 2016. But when they started to march to the VC office, they were stopped on the way by university officials.

    After the Y4S students mounted pressure, a delegation was allowed to meet the Dean, Students Welfare. Stating it as their new year wish, the Y4S students requested the dean to immediately provide a reading space cum 24-hour open library. The Dean assured that the university would look into the genuine demand.

    It should be noted that Delhi university had a 24*7 reading hall in the north campus which was demolished in April 2013 on the pretext of constructing a bigger new space for students. But the promise was never fulfilled as the reading hall has not yet been made available. Y4S termed it a cheating with students on part of DU administration.

    Students recounted that the previous reading hall was a blessing for thousands of poor students in the university. There were students who would spend nights studying in the hall preparing for competitive exams. No wonder the performance of DU students in competitive examinations have gone down over the years. It is surprising that a central university like DU lacks such a facility, that too after having it at one point of time.

    Y4S students submitted a memorandum in the format of a new year greeting card requesting to take immediate steps for a 24*7 reading hall in the campus. They have said that the #ReadingHall campaign would take a bigger shape if the administration doesn’t heed their request. The classes after winter vacations are supposed to resume on January 4 and a bigger pressure would be mounted if the administration doesn’t respond by next week.