• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
  • ForeverMine

    Forever Mine

    Silent is the night
    Yet so many voices
    Do you hear
    As I do? 
    Quiet it is all around
    Yet from a distance
    Do you hear me
    As I do?
    The road sounds
    Of honks
    And cars that zoom by
    Faint in the silence
    You hear my name
    When I hear yours?
    Screeching tires against the road
    Drops of dew falling
    Water summing up
    To bear your name with mine
    Faint in the darkness
    I see your face
    I shut my eyes
    To stay away from you
    Is it not strange?
    In a strange way again
    That I want to be with you?
    Look there are no stars
    No, I found one
    Dimming out on me
    I say to it
    Take my message across
    To you
    Madness!! You would say
    I know
    Music surrounds me
    It stays unheard to the rest
    I can hear
    Only you.
    Romanticizing every bit
    Of what is left
    It is crazy
    I know
    I heard a honk
    Did you too
    Seems like I woke up from a dream
    Stay in the quiet night
    With me
    This time it is here
    For you and me.
    Live with me,
    In me
    If you may
    I still am fighting it
    Not that you too may
    Just live with me forever
    Now that I have this part of you
    It is mine
    Forever to stay.

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