• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
  • Shame

    The fear of Dialing 100

    “We care for you” is the tagline of Chandigarh police which boasts of better policing, law & order than most other Indian cities. In a city which has always been proud of its systems & safety, a horrendous incidence has come to light where five policemen sexually abused a 16 year girl studying in Std 10th for 45 days. Local public is understandably furious and some of them have even tried taking law into their hands. All five tainted policemen have been arrested and the administration has assured that the perpetrators would be brought to justice. Interestingly, all this began after a family dialed 100 for help but ended up in a bigger problem.


    In a middle-class locality of Khuda Lahora, a quarrel erupts in a family which sadly takes an ugly turn when the alcoholic father grows violent. The drunkard loses control and begins to assault & abuse his own kith & kin. His daughter dials 100 in a hope that the police would come and avert any untoward incident. As is usually the case, Chandigarh police arrives in time and the quarrel is settled. But the family never knew how dear the decision to dial 100 would cost them in future.

    After assuring the family of security, one of the policemen asks the girl for her contact number. She obeyed giving way to her travails & traversity. Next day on, the school going girl was to be followed, stalked and passed lewd comments from the PCR van. Five Khaki-clads pick her up, rape her on gunpoint and force her to take anti-pregnancy pills. The so-called saviours of society exploited the innocent school-girl day after day for 45 long days until the girl decided to end her life. The incidence came to light when she attempted suicide which was averted by her brother and brought to notice.

    The shameful conduct by few of their counterparts has taken a toll on the image of Chandigarh police. Its time we recruit police personnel on sensitivity & morality rather than the parameters of height, chest & 100 metre sprint. Our general policing system needs a revamp and reflection.

    • Anuradha

      Its shameful. Post the public outcry, entire police department has done the disappearing act. All the PCR vans that were almost ubiquitous are nowhere to be seen these days. Its as if by magic, or is it Shame………Can’t say, but its high time for our policing system to clean up its act. we hope against hope that since they didn’t take it up themselves, public outrage shall be able to push them into action. since its one of their owns, it would be difficult for them but havn’t we seen it time over time that the termite grows from within only and the rotting system needs to be treated from within as well as outside.

      its Wishing season, so let us all make a wish and keep our fingers crossed that we will have a law abiding law enforcing agency…………so that we will be Nirbhaya….