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    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    False Spirituality!!


    There is a fine line between thinking and spiritual thinking. The thought process for both start around the same lines. The course is what makes all the difference. I remember reading somewhere about it.

    The line defining the two is reaction and reactivity. When trivial things or mundane opinion of others start making you vulnerable, it is defined that all you are now doing is thinking. Why is it inherent for us to waste our time and energy thinking about others? Why it is so important for us to delve upon what says, feels or wants from us!

    There is always a part of you that says you do not care of what anybody thinks but then at the end of it you realize that it affects you the most. Apart from that there will always be little things and at times bigger ones that will bother you.

    So how good or bad is it to be affected? How important is it to react? Does being spiritual mean that one should shut his/ her eyes and ears to the opinions of others and be detached. Is that really possible? I bet it is because people do that.

    The spiritual gurus preach about shaanti, the eternal state of peace of mind – The state where nothing bothers or provokes you to disturb your state of mind. Is it not worthy a deliberation that what kind of a world it would become if there was such a state achieved by all? Accepting everything that goes wrong to be the will of the supernatural, mind you, I am not saying god. There is no state as such, if it is, it is definitely not spirituality, rather would be stupidity.

    We are often led to cowardice and indifference in the name of spirituality. It should not be what we choose. Spiritual thinking is limited to the self, the perception of the self and also with respect to the surroundings. It does not define or deny one’s ability or right to ponder on and criticize the customs and happening around us. Being at peace and shutting down your senses to the truth, the bad and the evil are two entirely different things.

    One can be said to have mastered his/her spiritual abode once the self control becomes strong enough to react at will and not in a spurt. Those who preach no-reaction as a synonym to spirituality and those who follow them should be given a wakeup call.

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