• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    Evolution precedes Revolution

    The country is busy talking about political reforms; dirt in politics and the upcoming elections are the current and seemingly only topic of discussion. Fair enough to say that it is a very important subject. After all, these are going to be the deciding factor as to how badly the country’s resources will be sucked for the next five years, and who gets the coveted opportunity to drain off taxpayer’s money after the general elections! Also, who will be bashed for the mess the country would be into for the time to come!

    From a spectator’s perspective, when I hear these debates and discussions, be it amongst some friends or on a TV chat show, all I can see is people getting out of control. Somebody who would usually be known to be calm and composed would turn into a saliva spitting being. I just mean to ask all these very well read and updated so called intellectuals, what are they getting out of these discussions.

    Digging deeper, I find it is their way to quench their guilt of irresponsibility towards the country and society at large. A majority of these debaters and orators will miss out on the voting day which is, if I begin to rank, the greatest responsibility a citizen should execute. Never mind, it is a big responsibility, let’s talk small. When I Google, I find a couple of ongoing campaigns for social causes around my region. How many of us go out and contribute. Forget about contributing, how many of these “chintaks” of our society, even clap when they watch a street play on a social cause?

    The population is busy crying about corruption, bribes and all sorts of things. I have something of a question for all of them. How many of them have not misused their position or power when the need arose? How many of them have never bribed policemen or a clerk or a gatekeeper or an office boy or a ward boy in a hospital? The usual answer to such a question is typically that it is done on a very small level and it is harmless. Dare I ask, who are they to decide the level? Then the next ready response in that, it is in the system, if one wants the work to be done that is the only way out.

    If you can justify a bribe of 100 rupees to move forward in a restaurant waiting line, how is it not possible for you to justify the bribes and corruption that goes on at bigger levels? When bribing to reduce your waiting time in a hospital is justifiable then why is it a crime when the politicians do it? When not wearing the seat belt, and getting off from a traffic police by paying minimal bribe, is a thing to be proud of, then with what right can one point a finger at a politician whose son/relative or he himself is relieved of serving prison term? I can point out n number of such examples.

    It is easy to scream slogans and shout. It is easy to criticize. The thing to do is bring about change. And when I say change I do not mean that you go on hunger strikes and fight for your so called “rights”, I mean, start by changing your very own outlook towards society.

    The perception of the system, the lens through which the society is viewed needs to change. For this change to come, the mind needs to change. Revolution for the society will never be possible if it is not preceded by evolution of self.

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