• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    Dreams = Insanity

    It is known, dreaming comes with no price but running after those dreams can cost a lot. It matters that your moment of realization has arrived, that you are ready to pay the price. 

    Leaving behind something secure and safe is not easy. There are reasons to it. There is no fear of mockery, no answerability, you know you won’t be dragged down and told, ‘see, I told you, you will repent your decision’, and above all of that the fear of the let down. In one decision of compromise and the so called adjustment with yourself, comes the solution to all the problems. 

    There is a chance, your perusal will lead you to a dump, a fall, a let down, it may end up being the worst decision you ever have taken. But, what if it isn’t?  How can one not want to know?

    We grow up listening to grown ups telling us that we must follow our dreams, we must strive for excellence and we must never give up. Why is it expected then that the dreams should fall into practical and doable parameters, that excellence should be defined by the inches of that idiot box hanging in the living room and liquid and solid possessions, and giving up for a safe lifestyle is the only sensible decision ever to exist?

    Yes, it is easier said than done. The moment the urge to do it engulfs you, a different world opens up and this is the irrational, impractical and impossible dream world that no sane person would tread. But then, sanity is not a necessary virtue. It is the least of what you need if you have dared to dream of something uncommon and unconventional, no, just dreaming alone is enough.

    Sanity has no definition. It is relative and has changed as and when society wanted it to. Sati was once sanity, today it is a ku-pratha, dowry was once duty, responsibility and sanity, today it has almost become something to be done under the table and be ashamed of, burning a woman in the name of being a witch was also once sanity.

    The human and it’s society is very convenience oriented and anything that causes inconvenience is tagged insane.

    But it is not the society you care about, who cares about the society. It is the ones you care for, hurting them is painful, being unable to fulfill their expectations is terrible, the incapacity of being the perfect daughter, sister, son, husband, wife, etc is scary. Are you insane enough to bring it all together and say, ‘wait, don’t judge, let me be, if you can, walk with me, if you can’t, don’t hold my hand to pull me down’?

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