• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    Can UPA rebuild its lost image through the "Bharat Nirman" Ad Campaign?

    As the not so illustrious tenure of “UPA” inches closer to its end, the last few years have come under heavy criticism from all fronts. Price rise, weakening of Rupee against Dollar and countless Corruption scams have been some of the big news makers.

    As a prelude to the entire plan of advertising activities, they have kick started it with a 100 crore ad campaign titled “Bharat Nirman”. The ad started with film director Pradeep Sarkar, his Apocalypso Filmworks Pvt Ltd and advertising agency Percept/H creating 22 commercials, many featuring a young woman, Priya – born into an underprivileged background – who through hard work and a helping hand from the Congress government’s policies, travels to Delhi and her life changes.

    Congress then came up with another advertising blitz ahead of its 2014 polls investing 500 crores hoping to begin the transition. The ad portrays the significant infrastructural development and the change in the standard of living that has been brought about in the last ten years. The execution, cast and the theme of the advertisements are done touch to perfection.

    My perceptions of these ads are that the achievements they portray look more visionary than revolutionary. What Congress is desperately trying to do is cover up for all its omissions and commissions of the past decade by a blitzkrieg in the audio-visual medium. The Indian consumers have become smart buyers. This reminds me of the failed India Shining ad by the NDA in 2004.

    I feel UPA think tanks should come up with something what Cadbury Dairy Milk did to rebuild its lot image during the worm saga that had hit them way back in early 2000.  I agree winning and losing elections are a part of business but one would not like to see the oldest party of India losing its image.