• ~ Mark Twain

    ~ Mark Twain

    "Loyalty to country "ALWAYS". Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
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    तू गौर कर ..


    दिशा तेरी तू कर ले तय रास्ता मिल ही जायेगा अभी नहीं मंज़िल दिखी तो गौर कर रुके बिना कदम बढ़ा अँधेरा है तो क्या हुआ तू गौर कर   ख़त्म न तलाश कर जो ...

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    The Death of A Star!


    I opened my eyes, to a world of gleam,   Vivid lights all around me.  Before I gained consciousness, I was one of them,   Though, I never wanted to be.   They laughed and ...

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    Intoxicated! drenched to the depth of the soul.   There is no more place for any doubt. there is no more doubt.   No reason for anything else needed no more questions to seek answers ...

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    I see no light…

    The road to your door is long I do not know, they claim so. How is it then that I see no light? I walk and stumble upon what was my own burden Nobody saw ...

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    Forever Mine


    Silent is the night Yet so many voices Do you hear As I do?      Quiet it is all around Yet from a distance Do you hear me As I do?   The road ...

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    Love is..Valentine's Day?

    love is...valentine's day

     With just a few hours left for the Valentine’s Day, 2014, the market has left no stone unturned to make the “love is in the air” phenomenon seem true. Discounts, “gifts for him/her”, “surprise your ...

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    The Queer debate : Are you Gay?


    The Supreme Court’s re-criminalizing “gay sex and same sex marriage” is fading out of news as the capitol deals with the people’s party (AAP). Mr. Kejriwal has all the attention to himself these days, any ...

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    Love is overrated!


    Among all those silly things is a person caught in that brooding emotion called Love. An emotion, which results into couples to cling & fling. The emotion which, in the times of so much to ...

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